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17034 Accreditation: Mission Accomplished!

This week our lab became ISO 17034 Accredited!!  read more

Join Team ASI at Atlanta's ASTM Meeting!

Join Team ASI at the ASTM D02 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants meeting in Atlanta! read more

Join Team ASI at Galveston's Gulf Coast Conference!

Team ASI will be attending the Gulf Coast Conference (Booth 315) at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX - October 16-17th. We invite you to stop by our booth! read more

The Top 5 Problems with Reference Materials (& How to Fix Them)

Have you ever received a product in the mail that wasn't what you thought it was going to be?  Perhaps the fit wasn't right or it didn't work as you expected?  No matter where you order from or... read more

Thank you for a great 2017!

Happy New Year Folks!  2017 was one of our best years ever and we cannot thank our customers enough. It feels really good to say that considering 2016 was one of our worst years ever.   We... read more

5 Reasons Traceability Matters: #4 Especially!

It may seem daunting, but understanding traceability should not be hard.   No matter what industry you are in - it could be beverage, food, apparel, oil & gas, etc. - traceability matters.... read more

Join Team ASI at Houston's ASTM Meeting!

    Coming this December Team ASI will be attending the D02 Petroleum Products and Lubricants ASTM Meeting in Houston! We invite you to visit our hospitality suite at the Marriott Marquis Houston... read more

6 Things You Have to Know About Calibration Standards

Throughout life we complete many tedious but necessary tasks.  Brush our teeth, eat our broccoli, limit our coffee intake to about 4 cups a day (you too?).  But rarely do we ask why?  What are we... read more