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5 Reasons Traceability Matters: #4 Especially!

It may seem daunting, but understanding traceability should not be hard.  

No matter what industry you are in - it could be beverage, food, apparel, oil & gas, etc. - traceability matters.  Knowing where a product comes from and how it is[...]

Join Team ASI at Houston's ASTM Meeting!



Coming this December Team ASI will be attending the D02 Petroleum Products and Lubricants ASTM Meeting in Houston! We invite you to visit our hospitality suite at the Marriott Marquis Houston in Ballroom E from 6 to 8pm on December 5th!


6 Things You Have to Know About Calibration Standards

Throughout life we complete many tedious but necessary tasks.  Brush our teeth, eat our broccoli, limit our coffee intake to about 4 cups a day (you too?).  But rarely do we ask why?  What are we doing these things for, really?  Maybe you are[...]

5 Reasons Why You Need Check Samples in Your Quality Control

Why check samples? What do we mean by this? To check your measurement system means to have a certain level of quality assurance in your business. Using check samples to monitor your quality control increases the consistency of your examination[...]

Burning Question #4: What Happens If I Violate A Run Rule?

Welcome back to our ongoing  EPA Tier 3 Informational Series. Stay knowledgable with our previous Burning Questions related to
  1. Ongoing Precision
  2. SQC Accuracy Requirements
  3. EPA Tier 3 or ASTM D6299

Today we'll be discussing ASTM[...]

Key Terms in ASTM D6299

Your Study Guide to ASTM D6299 Terminology


When it comes to ASTM D6299, it's important that we speak the same language. ASTM D6299 is a critical piece of the EPA Tier 3 qualification process.

Anyone who has read this 25+ page method knows it[...]

EPA Tier 3 or ASTM D6299?

Welcome back! It's time for question #3 of our ongoing EPA Tier 3 informational series. While today's question and answer may be the shortest in the series, it may be the most important of the bunch. Let's get to it!

Catch up on the rest of the[...]

EPA Tier 3 Burning Question #2: What are the accuracy SQC requirements?

Welcome back to our ongoing discussion of EPA Tier 3. For today's discussion we will be looking at:

EPA Tier 3 Burning Question Series - Question 1 - Ongoing Precision?

Today we are talking about precision.

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