Let us do the work for you.

ASI Standards specializes in creating custom calibration or check standards made to fit your testing specifications. We can matrix match your samples to minimize the effect of the sample matrix on the analysis results. 

From simple single element check standards to complex multi-element sets, we can develop custom formulated calibration standards that work for you. With our custom standards, you are able to choose:

  • Which element(s) you need in your standards
  • The concentration of each element for each standard
  • The matrix of each standard
  • How many standards you need in your calibration set
  • The volume size of each standard

We provide standards for a variety of analytical applications. Our most popular standards are tailored for:

  • Titration
  • Combustion Analysis 

Common Matrices 

Below is a list of our most commonly sold matrices. Don't see one you need? Reach out to us and we will be happy to help provide it for you.

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Contact Us

You can alternatively email sales@asistandards.com or call 281-419-9229 with any questions or request you may have.