January 30, 2020

What ISO 17034 Means To You

ANAB Symbol Black 17034 Reference Material Producer

ISO 17034 Certification is the cream of the crop for reference material providers. ASI Standards is ISO 17034 certified for sulfur, chlorine, and nitrogen standards in petroleum fuels and petroleum oils. Check out our scope for more details.

The Internal Organization for Standardization, or ISO, has three relevant certifications for reference material manufacturers and testing labs: ISO 9001, ISO 17024, and ISO 17034. Let's dive deeper into each certification and accreditation.

ISO 9001

Companies that are ISO 9001 certified must have written procedures, policies, and training documents for their customer service, product design, manufacturing, product analysis, packaging, shipping and purchasing areas. ISO 9001 also stipulates that changes to policies and procedures must be documented and managed. ASI Standards is ISO 9001 accredited.

What does this mean to you? You can rest assured that ASI Standards follows a Quality Management System (QMS) in all aspects of the business. From communicating and confirming an order all the way to shipping your product out the door, you can be sure that ASI Standards is documenting and following carefully reviewed policies and procedures to deliver quality.

ISO 17025

ISO 17025 certification is focused on quality control tests. It is crucial for third-party testing labs to be ISO 17025 certified and accredited. ASI Standards is not a third-party testing lab and is not ISO 17025 accredited. Does that mean we do not follow a quality control procedure? Of course not! We follow product quality test procedures to ensure a quality product is shipped. The policies and testing controls also overlap with ISO 17034 certification requirements.

ISO 17034

In today's world, customers are demanding reference material providers be ISO 17034 certified. ISO 17034 certification allows a reference material provider to offer certified reference materials (CRM). What makes a CRM different from an RM?

CRMs can only be manufactured by a reference material provider that is ISO 17034 accredited. All methods used to certify standards must be proven and validated. ASI Standards follows ASTM methods and our standards are NIST traceable when applicable.

We must also require uncertainty on all standards under our ISO 17034 scope. Uncertainty covers all the sources of errors when certifying standards and is reported on the Certificate of Analysis. Our Certificates of Analysis follow the requirements provided in ISO Guide 31.

ISO 17034 provides the highest level of quality assurance and quality control. We confidently stand behind our ISO 17034 standards and guarantee they are produced by trained and competent employees.

ASI Standards is ISO 9001 and ISO 17034 accredited and we follow the necessary testing and quality procedures found in ISO 17025 to ensure a quality product under ISO 17034.

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