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EPA Tier 3 Breaking News! Two Decimal Places No More!

Refiners, Importers, Testing Labs lend me your EPA Tier 3 Gasoline Sulfur results! read more

ASI Standards ISO/IEC 17034 Accreditation Assessment is Underway!

Update! ASI Standards is excited to announce we are ISO 17034 accredited. ASI Standards is excited to announce the next step in our commitment to bringing you the highest quality calibration... read more

ASTM D02 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants Meeting

ASI Standards will be attending the ASTM D02 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants Meeting in Lake Buena Vista, FL December 4th-8th. read more

On-Demand Webinar: Are you ready for the EPA's Tier 3 Guidelines?

This educational webinar recorded on August 3rd covers: EPA Tier 3 Program Guidelines, Using Standards to Meet the Guidelines, ASTM D6299 Statistical Quality Control, Managing All of the Data with... read more

'Question Everything' at Gulf Coast Conference - GCC 2014

Attending the Gulf Coast Conference - GCC 2014 in Galveston, TX ? read more

Celebrating 20 Years of Quality

2013 Marked an important milestone; our 20th anniversary – as Analytical Services, Inc. was founded in 1993 by John B. Sardisco, Ph.D. read more

Need QC Check Standards for your Titrator?

We have titration standards available for a variety of ASTM methods including Total Acid Number (TAN). Also available is a stable Mercaptan and H2S standard packaged in ampoules. All are prepared... read more

Multi-element Calibration Standards for the Analysis of Lubricating Oils, Additives and Wear Metals by XRF

Analytical Services, Inc. is the leading industry expert in the manufacture of stable multi-element calibration standards for the analysis of lubricating oils, additives and wear metals by XRF. We... read more