Join Team ASI at Atlanta's ASTM Meeting!

Join Team ASI at the ASTM D02 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants meeting in Atlanta!

We are so excited for the workshops and to catch up with everyone at the hospitality suite on Tuesday, December 11th!

Please join us at the hospitality suite from 6 to 8pm in Imperial Ballroom Salon B.  Enter for your chance to win an Xbox One X or PS4 Console, just before the holidays!

Meet our Calibration Material experts and learn about our ASTM Method solutions for:

  • Sulfur Standards and Other Elements in a variety of matrices, fit for your needs
  • Sulfur and Metals (Iron, Nickel, and Vanadium) Calibration and Check Standards for Crude Oil Testing
  • Multi-Elements in Lubricating Oils
  • Nitrogen and Sulfur Ampules for Combustion
  • Sulfur-Free Wear Metal Standards
  • Titration Standards
  • Physical Testing Standards
  • Custom Calibration Certified Reference Materials
  • ASTM Methods: D56, D86, D92, D93, D97, D445, D664, D1159, D2386, D2500, D2622, D2710, D2896, D3230, D4294, D4628, D4629, D4927, D4929, D4951, D5059, D5185, D5191, D5291, D5453, D5482, D5708, D5762, D5808, D5863, D5984, D6247, D6334, D6371, D6443, D6481, D6584, D7039, D7212, D7220, D7359, D7536, D7751

We would love to show you our new Help Center and talk about any and all of your reference material questions!

We can't wait!

For more information, please visit

ASTM Atlanta Invite

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