17034 Accreditation: Mission Accomplished!

This week our lab became ISO 17034 Accredited!! 

This means so much to our lab and to our customers, we just couldn't wait to share the news! Please find our ISO 17034:2016 Certificate here.

We did it!

Why become ISO 17034 certified?

If a lab isn't ISO 17034 accredited, then there is limited proof for the customer that the product was made impartially and correctly with traceable formulation records, traceable testing, and quality control records. 

In a non-accredited lab, the same person could formulate and pass the same standard.  That person could assume the standard is perfect because they made it, so they pass it.

That's just not good enough, right? 

Enter ISO 17034.

What does it mean to be ISO 17034 certified?

By being ISO 17034 certified, this means that our lab meets the "general requirements for the competence of reference material producers".

Basically, it's a certification that proves our lab creates reference materials correctly, impartially, and competently.

In order to be certified, you must comply with structural, resource, technical and production, and management system requirements.  

All methods leading up to the final shipment of our materials must be proven valid and accurate.  In addition, any uncertainty must be reported on the Certificate of Analysis (COA), which must also adhere to the requirements of ISO 31.

What does ISO 17034 mean for our laboratory?

  • Recognition of excellent traceability
  • Assurance of analysis quality
  • Confidence in the process
  • Proven quality control

What is the benefit to our customers?

This certification tells our customers that all operations and production of our reference materials meet the technical and management system international requirements.

On top of our quality products, customers can now have the secure confidence that their reference materials were created correctly and competently.

This gives our customers added peace of mind in the technical competence behind our products as well as trust in our technical expertise and customer service.

With internationally recognized credentials, our customers can sleep well at night knowing that ASI has their back.

Thank you for your support as we have maneuvered through this process!  Our customers mean the world to us.

Looking forward!

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